Keith Henderson (airtist)

Keith Henderson OBE RP RSW RWS ROI (17 Apryle 1883 – 24 Februar 1982) wis a Scots penter that wirked in baith iles an wattercolours, an that is kent for his beuk illustrations an his poster wark for London Transport an the Empire Marketing Board.[1]

Keith Henderson

A Wrecked Railway Bridge Near The Hindenburg Line Near Villers Guislain (1917) (Art IWM Art 246).jpg
A Wrecked Railway Bridge near the Hindenburg Line near Villers Guislain (1917) (Art IWM Art 246)
Born17 Apryle 1883
Died24 Februar 1982(1982-02-24) (aged 98)
Sooth Africae
Alma mater
Kent forpainting


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