Kartli (Georgie: ქართლი [kʰartʰli] ( listen)) is a heestorical region in central-tae-eastren Georgie traversed bi the river Mtkvari (Kura), on which Georgie's caipital, Tbilisi, is situatit. Kent tae the Classical authors as Iberia, Kartli played a crucial role in the ethnic an poleetical consolidation o the Georgies in the Middle Ages. Kartli haed no strictly defined boondaries an thay signeeficantly fluctuatit in the coorse o history. Efter the pairteetion o the kinrick o Georgie in the 15th century, Kartli acame a separate kinrick wi its caipital at Tbilisi. The historical launds o Kartli are currently dividit amang several admeenistrative regions o Georgie.

The Georgies livin in the heestorical launds o Kartli are kent as Kartleli (ქართლელი) an comprise ane o the lairgest geografic subgroups o the Georgie fowk. Maist o them are Eastren Orthodox Christians adherin tae the naitional Georgie Orthodox Kirk an speak a dialect, which is the basis o the modren Georgie leeterary leid.

Coordinates: 41°16′00″N 44°30′10″E / 41.26667°N 44.50278°E / 41.26667; 44.50278