Karl Georg August, Hereditary Prince o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

Karl Georg August, Hereditary Prince o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (8 Februar 1766 – 20 September 1806) wis the heir tae the Duchy o Brunswick as the auldest son o Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Duke o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel an Princess Augusta o Great Breetain. His mither wis a dochter o Frederick, Prince o Wales, himself a son o George III.

Karl Georg August
Hereditary Prince o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Charles George of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.jpg
The Hereditary Prince bi Weitsch.
Tenur8 Februar 1766 – 20 September 1806
Born(8 Februar 1766
Dee'd20 September 1806 (aged 60)
SpousePrincess Louise o Orange-Nassau
Issuenae issue
HooseHoose o Brunswick (Bevern branch)
FaitherKarl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Duke o Brunswick
MitherPrincess Augusta o Great Breetain


In 1789, his faither formally made Princess Louise o Orange-Nassau a proposal o mairiage on his behalf. The mairiage wis a gesture o gratitude an alliance atween the Hoose o Orange an his faither, wha haed assisted the Hooose o Orange during the Dutch rebellion in 1787. The wedding wis conductit 14 October 1790 in The Hague, an the couple settled in Brunswick. They haed nae issue.

Teetles an stylesEedit

  • 8 Februar 1766 – 20 September 1806 His Serene Highness The Hereditary Prince o Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel.