Karl Alexander, Duke o Württemberg

Kar Alexander, Duke o Württemberg (24 Januar 1684 – 12 Mairch 1737) wis a Württemberg noble frae 1698 who governed the Kinrick o Serbie as regent frae 1720 until 1733, when he assumed the poseetion o Duke o Württemberg, which he held until his daith. Queen Elizabeth II is his descendant throu her grandmither Mary o Teck.

Karl Alexander
Duke o Württemberg
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Karl Alexander o Württemberg
Born24 Januar 1684(1684-01-24)
Dee'd12 Mairch 1737(1737-03-12) (aged 52)
Noble faimilyHoose o Württemberg
Spoose(s)Maria Augusta o Thurn an Taxis
FaitherFrederick Charles, Duke o Württemberg-Winnental
MitherMargravine Eleonore Juliane o Brandenburg-Ansbach
ReleegionRoman Catholicism (previously Lutheranism)


He mairit Princess Marie Auguste o Thurn an Taxis (1706–56) in 1727.


  1. Karl Eugen, Duke o Württemberg (1728–1793), mairit Princess Elisabeth Friederike Sophie o Brandenburg-Bayreuth; nae issue.
  2. Eugen Ludwig (1729)
  3. Louis Eugene, Duke o Württemberg (1731–1795), mairit Coontess Sophie Albertine o Beichlingen; haed issue.
  4. Frederick II Eugene, Duke o Württemberg (1732–1797), mairit Princess Friederike Dorothea o Brandenburg-Schwedt; haed issue.
  5. Alexander Eugen (1733–1734)
  6. Auguste Elisabeth (1734–1787), mairit Prince Karl Anselm, 4t Prince o Thurn an Taxis; haed issue.