Juho Kusti Paasikivi

Juho Kusti Paasikivi ([ˈjuɦo ˈkusti ˈpɑːsiˌkiʋi]; November 27, 1870 – December 14, 1956) wis the sevent Preses o Finland (1946–1956). Representin the Finnish Pairty an the Naitional Coalition Pairty, he an aa served as Prime Meenister o Finland (1918 an 1944–1946),[2] an wis generally an influential figure in Finnish economics an politics for ower fifty years. He is parteecularly remembered as a main airchitect o Finland's foreign policy efter the Seicont Warld War.

Valtioneuvos (Coonselor o State), Preses[1]

Juho Kusti Paasikivi
Paasikivi fi01 06a.jpg
7t Preses o Finland
In office
Mairch 11, 1946 – Mairch 1, 1956
Prime MeenisterMauno Pekkala
Karl-August Fagerholm
Urho Kekkonen
Sakari Tuomioja
Ralf Törngren
Precedit biCarl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
Succeedit biUrho Kekkonen
Prime Meenister o Finland
In office
November 17, 1944 – Mairch 9, 1946
Precedit biUrho Castrén
Succeedit biMauno Pekkala
Chairman o the Senate o Finland
In office
Mey 27, 1918 – November 27, 1918
Precedit biPehr Evind Svinhufvud
Personal details
BornJohan Gustaf Hellsten
27 November 1870(1870-11-27)
Koski, Grand Duchy o Finland
Dee'd14 December 1956(1956-12-14) (aged 86)
Helsinki, Finland
Poleetical pairtyNational Coalition Pairty
Spoose(s)Anna Matilda Forsman (desc.)
Allina (Alli) Valve
BairnsAnnikki, Wellamo, Juhani an Varma
Alma materImperial Alexander Varsity (nou Varsity o Helsinki)
Professionassociate professor, ceevil servant


  1. Courtesy title in Finland for umwhile Preses o the Republic
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