Judas Iscariot (richt), reteerin frae the Last Supper, pentin bi Carl Bloch, late 19t century

Judas Iscariot (dee'd c. 30–33 AD) wis, accordin tae the New Testament, ane o the twal oreeginal disciples o Jesus Christ, an son o Simon Iscariot. He is kent for the kiss an betrayal o Jesus tae the Sanhedrin for thirty siller cunyies.[1] His name is eften uised synonymously wi betrayal or traison.

Tho thare are varied accoonts o his daith, the tradeetional version sees him as haein hanged himsel follaein the betrayal, as recordit in the Gospel o Matthew. His place amang the Twal Apostles wis later filled bi Matthias.