Jozef Tiso (13 October 1887 – 18 Aprile 1947) wis a Slovak Roman Catholic priest, an a leadin politeecian o the Slovak Fowk's Pairty. Atween 1939 an 1945, Tiso wis the heid o the 1939–45 First Slovak Republic, a satellite state o Nazi Germany an he wis tae remain an active priest throuoot his poleetical career.[1] Efter the end o Warld War II, Tiso wis convictit an hanged for traison that subsumed an aa war crimes an crimes against humanity bi the Naitional Coort in Bratislava.

Jozef Tiso
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2010-0049, Josef Tiso.jpg
Preses o the First Slovak Republic
In office
26 October 1939 – 3 Aprile 1945
Precedit biOffice creatit
Succeedit biOffice abolished
Prime Meenister an Meenister o Interior o the Autonomous Slovak Region
In office
20 Januar 1939 – 9 Mairch 1939
Precedit biJozef Tiso
Succeedit biJozef Sivák
Prime Meenister an Meenister o Interior, Social Care an Heal o the Autonomous Slovak Region
In office
1 December 1938 – 20 Januar 1939
Precedit biJozef Tiso
Succeedit biJozef Tiso
Prime Meenister an the Meenister o Interior o Autonomous Slovak Region
In office
7 October 1938 – 1 December 1938
Precedit biOffice creatit
Succeedit biJozef Tiso
Meenister o Heal an Pheesical Eddication o Czechoslovakie
In office
27 Januar 1927 – 8 October 1929
Precedit biJan Šrámek
Succeedit biJan Šrámek
Personal details
Born13 October 1887(1887-10-13)
Bytča (Nagybiccse)
Trenčín Coonty, Kinrick o Hungary, Austrick-Hungary
Dee'd18 Apryle 1947(1947-04-18) (aged 59)
Bratislava, Czechoslovakie
Poleetical pairtySlovak Fowk's Pairty
ProfessionPoliteecian, Cleric, Roman Catholic priest
ReligionRoman Catholicism


  1. For Tiso's early years, see Ward (2013) chapters 1-3.

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