Jos Wienen (Ridderkerk, 3 October 1960)[1] is a Dutch politeecian. He is th' mayor o' th' municipality haarlem. Wienen haes did history 'n' theology in th' toun o' utrecht. In 1986 he wes councilor fur th' christian democratic keep'in th'e heid (cdk) in th' toun o' ridderkerk. Wi`in his responsibilities wur th' space planning, housing, traffic 'n' transport 'n' economic affairs. Wienen wis an' a' pairt vice-president o' th' toon region rotterdam.

Jos Wienen
Jos wienen-1474648337.jpg
Mayor of Haarlem
Assumed office
September 2016
Mayor of Katwijk
In office
Januar 2001 – September 2016
Personal details
Born (1960-10-03) 3 October 1960 (age 59)
Ridderkerk, Netherlands

In 2001,[2] wienen became mayor o' th' toun katwijk. In 2006, th' toun o' katwijk fused wi' th' toun o' rijnsburg 'n' valkenburg 'n' became kent as th' municipality katwijk. Wienen wis an' a' member o' th' executive committee o' th' region holland rijnland, o' whilk katwijk is a pairt.

In 2016 wienen became mayor o' th' toun haarlem.