John Fraser (botanist)

John Fraser, FLS, F.R.H.S.,[1] (14 October 1750 – 26 Apryle 1811) wis a Scots botanist that collectit plant specimens aroond the warld, frae North Americae an the Wast Indies tae Rousshie an pynts atween, wi his primar career activity frae 1780 tae 1810.[2][3][4]

John Fraser

John Fraser, lithograph o an 18t-century portrait
John Fraser
(lithograph o an 18t-century portrait)
Born14 October 1750(1750-10-14)
Died26 Apryle 1811(1811-04-26) (aged 60)
ThriftBotanist an plant collector
Years active1780–1810
Kent forDiskivery an introduction o the flora o the Americas tae Europe


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