John Campbell, 2nt Duke o Argyll

Field Marshal John Campbell, 2nt Duke o Argyll, 1st Duke o Greenwich, KG, KT (10 October 1680[1] – 4 October 1743), styled Laird Lorne frae 1680 tae 1703, wis a Scots nobleman an senior commander in the Breetish Airmy.

The Duke o Argyll
John Campbell 2nd Duke of Argyll.jpg
Born10 October 1680(1680-10-10)[1]
Ham House, Petersham, Surrey
Dee'd4 October 1743(1743-10-04) (aged 64)
Sudbrook Park, Petersham
Restin placeWastmeenster Aibey
Ither namesIain Ruaidh nan Cath or Red John of the Battles
Wars an battlesNine Years' War
War o the Spaingie Succession
Jacobite rebellion o 1715
PredecessorArchibald Campbell, 1st Duke o Argyll
SuccessorArchibald Campbell, 3rd Duke o Argyll
Spoose(s)Mary Brown
Jane Warburton
ParentsArchibald Campbell, 1st Duke o Argyll an Elizabeth Tollemache


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