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Johann Gottfried Galle (9 Juin 1812 – 10 Julie 1910) wis a German astronomer frae Radis, Germany, at the Berlin Observatory who, on 23 September 1846, wi the assistance o student Heinrich Louis d'Arrest, wis the first person tae view the planet Neptune an knaw whit he wis leukin at.

Johann Gottfried Galle
Johann Gottfried Galle
Born Juin 9, 1812
Radis, Germany
Died 10 Julie 1910(1910-07-10) (aged 98)
Potsdam, Germany
Naitionality German
Alma mater Varsity o Berlin
Kent for Discovery o Neptune
Awairds Lalande Prize (1839)
Scientific career
Fields astronomy
Institutions Berlin Observatory
Varsity o Breslau
Signatur Johann Gottfried Galle Signature.svg