Johann Adolf I, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels

Johann Adolf I, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels (2 November 1649 – 24 Mey 1697), wis a duke o Saxe-Weissenfels-Querfurt and member o the Hoose o Wettin. He was the first son o August, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels, an his first wife, Anna Maria o Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Johann Adolf I
Johann Adolf I. von Sachsen-Weißenfels (a).jpg
Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels
Ring4 Juin 1680 - 24 Mey 1697
Born2 November 1649
Dee'd24 Mey 1697 (aged 47)
Weißenfels, Saxony-Anhalt
ConsortPrincess Johanna Magdalena o Saxe-Altenburg
IssueMagdalene Sibylle, Duchess o Saxe-Eisenach
Johann Georg, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels
Princess Johanna Wilhelmina
Christian, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels
Anna Maria, Coontess o Promnitz
Sophia, Margravine o Brandenburg-Bayreuth
Johann Adolf II, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels
Full name
Johann Adolf
HooseHoose o Wettin
FaitherAugust, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels
MitherAnna Maria o Mecklenburg-Schwerin
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In Altenburg on 25 October 1671, Johann Adolf mairit Princess Johanna Magdalena o Saxe-Altenburg. They haed issue.


  1. Princess Magdalene Sibylle o Saxe-Weissenfels (3 September 1673 – 28 November 1726), mairit Johann Wilhelm III, Duke o Saxe-Eisenach.
  2. Prince August Friedrich o Saxe-Weissenfels (15 September 1674 – 16 August 1675).
  3. Prince Johann Adolf o Saxe-Weissenfels (7 Juin 1676 – 18 Juin 1676)
  4. Johann Georg, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels (13 Julie 1677 – 16 Mairch 1712)
  5. Stillborn son (24 Julie 1678)
  6. Johanna Wilhelmine o Saxe-Weissenfels (20 Januar 1680 – 4 Julie 1730).
  7. Friedrich Wilhelm o Saxe-Weissenfels (18 Januar 1681 – 20 November 1681).
  8. Christian, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels (23 Februar 1682 – 28 Juin 1736).
  9. Princess Anna Marie o Saxe-Weissenfels (17 Juin 1683 – 16 Mairch 1731), mairit Coont Erdmann II o Promnitz.
  10. Sophie (2 August 1684 – 6 Mey 1752), mairit Georg Wilhelm, Margrave o Brandenburg-Bayreuth, an then Joseph Albert, Coont o Hoditz an Wolframitz.
  11. Johann Adolf II, Duke o Saxe-Weissenfels (4 September 1685 – 16 Mey 1746)

Seicont mairiageEedit

Efter the daith o his wife in 1686, Johann Adolf mairit a seicont time in Querfurt on 3 Februar 1692 tae Christiane Wilhelmine o Bünau. This mairiage was morganatic an anly made bi contract; the completion o the mairiage in the presence o a clergyman was left to his discretion. Johann Adolf give her 6,000 Taler as Morgengabe an an annual income o 3,000 Taler an the uise o Schloss Dahme for her residence as dower. He admonished his sons tae show her due respect, an should any issue come frae this mairiage he would make further divisions over the faimily lands. Efter five years o mairiage, Christiane Wilhelmine wis created Imperial Coontess (Reichgräfin) in 1697 at the request o her husband. They haed nae issue.