Joan o the Touer

(Reguidit frae Joan o The Touer)

Joan o Ingland (5 Julie 1321 – 7 September 1362), kent as Joan o the Touer acause she wis born in the Touer o Lunnon, wis the first wife an Queen consort o David II o Scotland.

Joan o the Touer
Joan Queen of Scotland.jpg
Queen consort o Scotland
Tenur7 Juin 1329 – 7 September 1362
CoronationNovember 1331
Born5 Julie 1321(1321-07-05)
Touer o Lunnon, Lunnon
Dee'd7 September 1362(1362-09-07) (aged 41), maist likely a victim o the Black Daith.
Hertford Castle, Hertfordshire
BuirialChrist Church Greyfriars, Lunnon
SpouseDavid II o Scotland
FaitherEdward II o Ingland
MitherIsabella o Fraunce