Jeanne Baptiste d'Albert

Jeanne Baptiste d'Albert, comtesse de Verrue (18 Januar 1670 – 18 November 1736) wis a French noblewoman an a mistress o Keeng Victor Amadeus II o Sardinie, thay haed twa hilder. Her daughter mairit the Prince o Carignan in 1714. The couple haed five childer an throu them, Jeanne Baptiste wis an ancestor o the murdered princesse de Lamballe, the present Prince Napoléon an the Prince o Naples. She amassed a lairge personal fortune during the Regency o Philippe d'Orléans, Duke o Orléans, Regent o Fraunce an an aa biggit herself a personal residence in the caipital. In Fraunce she wis kent as the comtesse de Verrue. She wis a wis a lady-in-waiting tae the French-born Duchess o Savoy, Anne Marie d'Orléans[1]

Jeanne Baptiste d'Albert
Coontess o Verrua
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Full name
Jeanne Baptiste d'Albert
Born18 Januar 1670(1670-01-18)
Hôtel de Luynes, Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd18 November 1736(1736-11-18) (aged 66)
Paris, Fraunce
Noble faimilyHoose o Scaglia (bi mairiage)
Hoose o Albert (bi birth)
Spoose(s)Giuseppe Ignazio Scaglia, Coont o Verrua
FaitherLouis Charles d'Albert
MitherAnne de Rohan
ThriftMaîtresse-en-titre tae Victor Amadeus II o Sardinie


A daughter o Louis Charles d'Albert, Duke o Luynes[2] she wis an a sister o the Duke o Chevreuse. Her godfaither wis Jean Baptiste Colbert. She wis an aa educated at the Aibey o Port Royal in Paris.


She mairit Giuseppe Ignazio Scaglia,[3] Coont o Verrua[4] atween 23 August an 25 August 1683. She wis juist thirteen an a hauf years auld at the time o her marriage. Her husband wis a colonel de dragons an a prominent Piedmontese diplomat wirkin for the-then Duke o Savoy.

Issue with ScagliaEedit

  1. Anna Maria Angelica Scaglia (1684 – 1745) abbess.
  2. Vittorio Amedeo Scaglia (1686 – 1707)
  3. Maria Anna Scaglia (1687 – 1745) abbess.
  4. Carlo Augusto Scaglia (1688 – 1706)

Issue with the Keeng Victor Amadeus IIEedit

  1. Maria Vittoria Francesca o Savoy (1690 – 1766) Marquise o Susa, mairit Victor Amadeus o Savoy, Prince o Carignano an haed issue.

Vittorio Francesco Filippo o Savoy, Marquis o Susa (1694 - 1762) mairit Maria Lucrezia Franchi nae issue.

References an notesEedit

  1. herself a daughter o Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans, "Monsieur", sister o the Queen o Spain, an niece o Keeng Louis XIV
  2. son o Charles d'Albert, (1) Duke o Luynes (himself a favourite o Keeng Louis XIII. He wis also a peer o Fraunce
  3. His full name was Augusto Manfredo Giuseppe Ieronimo Ignazio Scaglia, Conte di Verrua
  4. Verua wis Verrue in France

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