Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir (French: [ʁənwaʁ]; 15 September 1894 – 12 Februar 1979) wis a French film director, screenwriter, actor, producer an author. As a film director an actor, he made mair nor fowerty films frae the seelent era tae the end o the 1960s. His films La Grande Illusion (1937) an The Rules of the Game (1939) are eften citit bi creetics as amang the greatest films iver made.

Jean Renoir
Jean Renoir (1959).tif
Born15 September 1894(1894-09-15)
Paris, Fraunce
Died12 Februar 1979(1979-02-12) (aged 84)
Beverly Hills, Californie, Unitit States
ThriftFilm director, actor, screenwriter, producer, author
Years active1924–1978
Hauf-marrae(s)Catherine Hessling (1920–1930)
Dido Freire (1944–1979)
Pairtner(s)Marguerite Renoir (1932–1939)