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On 7 Januar 2015, at thareby 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC), twa maskit gunmen airmed wi Kalashnikov rifles, a shotgun, an a rocket-propelled grenade launcher stormed the heidquarters o the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Thay shot an killt 12 fowk, includin aicht Charlie Hebdo employees an twa Naitional Polis officers, an woondit 11 ithers.[4][5][6]

Charlie Hebdo shuitin
Journalists, polis, an emergency services in the street o the shuitin, a few hour efter the attack
Location 10 Rue Nicolas-Appert, 11th arrondissement of Paris, France[1]
Coordinates 48°51′33″N 2°22′13″E / 48.859246°N 2.370258°E / 48.859246; 2.370258Coordinates: 48°51′33″N 2°22′13″E / 48.859246°N 2.370258°E / 48.859246; 2.370258
Date 7 Januar 2015
11:30 CET (UTC+01:00)
Target Charlie Hebdo employees
Attack teep
Armed attack
Daiths 12
Non-fatal injures
Perpetrators Saïd an Chérif Kouachi
Motive Terrorism