James Donald Scanlan (24 Januar 1899 – 25 Mairch 1976) wis a Roman Catholic prelate that served first as the Beeshop o Dunkeld, then Beeshop o Mitherwall, an ultimately Airchbeeshop o Glesga.[1]

The Maist Reverend
James Donald Scanlan
Airchbeeshop o Glesga
KirkRoman Catholic
Appointed29 Januar 1964
In affice1964-1974
PredecessorDonald Campbell
SuccessorThomas Winning
Ordination29 Juin 1929
Consecration20 Juin 1946
bi William Godfrey
Personal details
Born24 Januar 1899
Glesga, Scotland
Died25 Mairch 1976 (agit 77)
Previous postBeeshop o Dunkeld (1949-1955)
Beeshop o Mitherwall (1955-1964)


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