James Hepburn, 4t Yerl o Boddle

James Hepburn (c. 1534 – 14 Apryle 1578), 1st Duke o Orkney an 4t Yerl o Boddle (better kent semply as Laird Boddle), wis a prominent Scots nobleman. He wis kent for his association wi, abduction o, an mairiage tae Mary, Queen o Scots, as her third an feenal husband.

James Hepburn
Duke o Orkney
Yerl o Boddle
James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, c 1535 - 1578. Third husband of Mary Queen of Scots - Google Art Project.jpg
Portrait o the Yerl o Boddle, 1566
Bornc. 1534
Edinburgh, Scotland
Dee'd14 Apryle 1578(1578-04-14) (aged 44)
Dragsholm Castle, Denmark
BuiriedFårevejle Kirk, Dragsholm
Spoose(s)Anna Throndsen
Leddy Jean Gordon
Mary, Queen o Scots
FaitherPatrick, Yerl o Boddle
MitherAgnes Sinclair
Peerage o Scotland
Precedit bi
Patrick Hepburn
Yerl o Boddle
1556 – 1567
Honorar teetles
Precedit bi
The 3rd Yerl o Bothwell
Laird High Admiral o Scotland
Succeedit bi
The 4t Yerl o Norton