Jacques Hippolyte Mancini, Marquis Mancini

Jacques Hippolyte Mancini, Marquis Mancini ("Jacques Hippolyte Mancini, Marchese Mancini; 2 Mairch 1690 - 1759[3]) wis an italian man who wis a member o the hoose o Mancini an a French nobleman kent as the Marquis Mancini. He mither wis a niece o Madame de Montespan. His faither wis Philippe Jules Mancini, himself a nephew o Cardinal Mazarin.

Philippe Jules Mancini
Marquis Mancini[1]
Crown of a Marquis of France (variant).svg
Blason it-fr Mancini-Mazarini.svg
Coat o arms o the Marquis Mancini.
Full name
Jacques Hippolyte Mancini[2]
Born2 Mairch 1690
Dee'd1759 (aged 69)
Noble faimilyMancini
Spoose(s)Anne Louise de Noailles
Diane Adélaïde, Vicoontess o Polignac
FaitherPhilippe Jules Mancini
MitherDiane Gabrielle de Damas


In 1720 he mairit Anne Louise de Noailles in circa 1720, she wis a a former "in-law" o the Marquis o Barbezieux. an a dochter o Anne Jules de Noailles, Duke o Noailles, an a sister o the Coontess o Toulouse[4], as well as the (3rd) Duke o Noailles. He wis an aa a brither o the Duke o Nevers.


Thay haed three childer, ane o whom survived infancy.

  1. Diane Adélaïde Adélaïde Zéphyrine Mancini (3 Februar 1726 - 27 Juin 1755) mairit Louis Héracle Armand de Polignac, Vicoont o Polignac an haed childer descendants include the husband o the future Yolande de Polastron[5])
  2. An unamed son.
  3. Anither unamed son.

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