J. M. W. Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner, RA (baptised 14 Mey 1775 – 19 December 1851) wis an Inglis Romanticist laundscape penter. Turner wis conseedert a controversial feegur in his day, but is nou regairdit as the airtist wha elevatit laundscape pentin tae an eminence rivallin history pentin.[1]

J. M. W. Turner
Turner selfportrait.jpg
Sel-portrait, ile on canvas, circa 1799
BornJoseph Mallord William Turner
c. late April – early May 1775; baptised 14 May
Covent Garden, Lunnon, Ingland, Great Breetain
Died19 December 1851 (aged 76)
Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, Ingland, UK
EddicationRyal Academy o Airts
Kent forpentins

Awtho renained for his ile pentins, Turner is an aa ane o the greatest masters o Breetish wattercolour laundscape pentin. He is commonly kent as "the penter o licht".[2]


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