Isabella d'Este

Isabella d'Este (3 October 1635 – 21 August 1666) wis consorts|Duchess o Parma an seicont wife o Duke Ranuccio II Farnese. She wis the paternal grandmither o Elisabetta Farnese, wife o Keeng Felipe V o Spain.

Isabella d'Este
Isabella d'Este duchessa di Parma.jpg
Duchess o Parma
Tenur18 Februar 1664 – 17 August 1666
Born3 October 1635(1635-10-03)
Ducal Pailace o Modena, Modena
Dee'd21 August 1666(1666-08-21) (aged 30)
Ducal Pailace o Colorno, Parma
Buirial23 August 1666
Santa Maria della Steccata, Parma
SpouseRanuccio II Farnese, Duke o Parma
IssueMargherita Maria, Duchess o Modena
Teresa Farnese
Odoardo, Hereditary Prince o Parma
Full name
Isabella d'Este
HooseHoose o Farnese
House o Este
FaitherFrancesco I d'Este, Duke o Modena
MitherMaria Caterina Farnese
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Princess o ModenaEedit

Isabella wis a dochter o the Duke o Modena Francesco I d'Este and Maria Caterina Farnese, dochter o Ranuccio I Farnese, Duke o Parma. She wis the sister of twa Dukes o Modena, Alfonso IV d'Este (1634–1662) and Rinaldo (1655–1737). At the daith of her mither, her faither mairit again twice.

Duchess o ParmaEedit

After the daith o his first wife Marguerite Yolande o Savoy, Ranuccio II mairit in 1663 his cousin Isabella. But the couple only met on 18 February 1664, when Isabella arrived in Parma. For this occasion, a grandiose celebration an musical spectacles were organised. The couples had three children all o which would survive childhood. Only the latter Odoardo, would have issue; he wis the faither o Elisabeth Farnese, queen o Spain and ancestor o maist modren ryalty.

But the birth of her son proved fatal tae Isabella, who died of complications nine days later on 21 August, at Colorno. She was the paternal grandmither o Elisabeth Farnese, Queen o Spain. She wis buried at the Sanctuary o Santa Maria della Steccata in the ceety o Parma on the 23 August. Her husband remairit in October 1668 to her sister Maria d'Este. By her he haed a further seven children as well as the last twa Farnese Dukes o Parma.


  1. Margherita Maria Farnese (24 November 1664 – 17 Juin 1718), mairit Francesco II d'Este, Duke o Modena.
  2. Teresa Farnese (1665–1702), benedictine nun in Sant’ Alessandro Monastery o Parma.
  3. Odoardo Farnese, Hereditary Prince o Parma (12 August 1666 – 1693) mairit Dorothea Sophie o Neuburg, and wis faither o Elisabeth Farnese, future Queen of Spain.