Isabel o Austrick

Isabel o Austrick ( 18 Julie 1501 – 19 Januar 1526), also kent as Elizabeth, Airchduchess o Austria and Infanta of Castile an Aragon, wis Queen o Denmark, Norawa an Swaden as the consort o King Christian II. She wis the dochter o Keeng Philip I an Queen Joanna o Castile an the sister o Emperor Charles V. She wis born at Brussels. She served as regent o Denmark in 1520.

Isabel o Austrick
Isabella of Spain Denmark.jpg
Portrait bi Mabuse
Queen consort o Denmark
Tenur12 August 1515 – 20 Januar 1523
Coronation12 August 1515
Copenhagen Castle
Queen consort o Norawa
Tenur12 August 1515 – 20 Januar 1523
Queen consort o Swaden
Tenur1 November 1520 – 23 August 1521
Born18 July 1501
Brussels, Spanish Netherlands
Dee'd19 Januar 1526(1526-01-19) (aged 24)
BuirialOdense Cathedral
SpouseChristian II o Denmark
among others...
John, Prince o Denmark
Dorothea, Electress Palatine
Christina, Duchess o Milan
HooseHoose o Habsburg
FaitherPhilip I o Castile
MitherJoanna o Castile
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
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