Irene Khan

Irene Zubaida Khan (born 24 Dizember 1956) is a Bangladeshi international human rights activist based in the Unitit Kinrick. She wis the seivent Secretar General o Amnesty International till her resignation on 31 Dizember 2009.[1][2] She wis appointit as a member o the Charity Commission of England and Wales on 1 Januar 2010 but resigned efter a controversy ower post-retirement payments she receivit frae Amnesty International.

Irene Khan
আইরিন খান
Irene Khan 2003.jpg
Native nameআইরিন খান
Born (1956-12-24) 24 December 1956 (age 65)
Dhaka, East Pakistan
(nou Bangladesh)
Alma materVarsity o Manchester
Harvard Law School
ThriftConsultin editor
EmployerVarsity o Salford
PredecessorProfessor Sir Martin Harris
Bairns1 dochter
KinMahbub Ali Khan (uncle)

Khan joined The Daily Star, a Bangladeshi newspaper, as consultin editor on 15 Mey 2010.[3] Syne 2009, she haes servit as the Chancellor o the Varsity o Salford.[4]

On 17 November 2011, she wis electit as the Director-General o the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), an intergovrenmental organisation based in Roum, Italy.


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Pierre Sané
Secretary-General o Amnesty International
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Professor Sir Martin Harris
Chancellor o the Varsity o Salford