Inverara Castle

Inveraray Castle (Scots Gaelic Caisteal Inbhir Aora, pronoonced [ˈkʰaʃtʲal iɲɪɾʲˈɯːɾə]) is a kintra hoose near Inveraray in the coonty o Argyll, in westren Scotland, on the shore o Loch Fyne, Scotland’s langest sea loch.[2]

Inverara Castle
Inverara, Argyll, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
Inveraray Castle - south-west facade.jpg
Inverara Castle in 2014
Inverara Castle is locatit in Scotland
Inverara Castle
Inverara Castle
Coordinates56°14′15″N 5°04′24″W / 56.2375°N 5.073333°W / 56.2375; -5.073333Coordinates: 56°14′15″N 5°04′24″W / 56.2375°N 5.073333°W / 56.2375; -5.073333
Grid referencegrid reference NN095092
Site information
Open tae
the public
Site history
Leetit Biggin – Category A
Designatit20 Julie 1971
Reference no.11552[1]


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