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Nae tae be confused wi Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer[lower-alpha 1] (umwhile Microsoft Internet Explorer[lower-alpha 2] an Windows Internet Explorer,[lower-alpha 3] commonly abbreviatit IE or MSIE) is a discontinued series o graphical wab brousers developed bi Microsoft an includit as pairt o the Microsoft Windows line o operatin seestems, stairtin in 1995.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 10+11 logo.svg
Oreeginal author(s)Thomas Reardon
Ineetial releaseAugust 16, 1995; 24 years ago (1995-08-16)
Last release(s)
Windows11.0.120 (Apryle 9, 2019; 7 months ago (2019-04-09)[1]) [±]
Mac5.2.3 (Juin 16, 2003; 16 years ago (2003-06-16)) [±]
Unix5.01 SP1 (2001; 18 years ago (2001)) [±]
Development statusDiscontinued (but still supportit on Windows Vista SP2 an later)
Written inC++[2]
Operatin seestemWindows, Mac OS X, Solaris, HP-UX
Includit wiWindows 95 OSR1 an later
Windows NT 4 an later
Mac OS 8.1 through Mac OS X 10.2
Xbox 360
Xbox One
InginesTrident, Chakra
PlatformIA-32, x64, ARMv7, IA-64, MIPS, Alpha, PowerPC, 68k, SPARC, PA-RISC
Available in95 leids[3]
TeepWab brouser
Feed reader
LicenseProprietary, requires a Windows license[4]
Staundart(s)HTML5, CSS3, WOFF, SVG, RSS, Atom, JPEG XR
As o19 Julie 2016
Internet Explorer versions:


  1. Syne version 10
  2. In version 6 an earlier
  3. In versions 7, 8, an 9