Internaitional Space Station

spaicestation project o mony kintras

The Internaitional Space Station is a spaicestation project o mony kintras. It haes twa-men crew for ilka hurl.

Internaitional Space Station
The Internaitional Space Station, as seen frae Space Shuttle Endeavour in Mey 2011.
A silhouette o the ISS shawn orbitin above the Yird. This image is suspendit within an orange an purpie shield, wi the wirds 'International Space Station' above the image, an laurel leaves beneath.
ISS insignia
Station statistics
COSPAR ID1998-067A
Caw signAlpha
CrewFully crewed 6
Currently aboard 6
(Expedition 36)
Launch padBaikonur 1/5 an 81/23
Kennedy LC-39
Massapproximately 450,000 kg (990,000 lb)
Length72.8 m (239 ft)
Width108.5 m (356 ft)
Hichtc. 20 m (c. 66 ft)
nadir–zenith, arrays forward–aft
(27 November 2009)[needs update]
Pressurised volume837 m3 (29,600 cu ft)
(21 March 2011)
Atmospheric pressur101.3 kPa (29.91 inHg, 1 atm)
Perigee412 km (256 mi) AMSL[1]
Apogee418 km (260 mi) AMSL[1]
Orbital inclination51.65 degrees[1]
Average speed7.66 kilometres per second (27,600 km/h; 17,100 mph)[1]
Orbital period92.87 minutes[1]
Orbit epoch24 August 2013[1]
Days in orbit9370
(16 Julie)
Days occupied8657
(16 Julie)
Nummer o orbits84,525[1]
Orbital decay2 km/month
Statistics as of 9 Mairch 2011
(unless notit itherwise)
References: [1][2][3][4][5][6]
The components o the ISS in an explodit diagram, wi modules on-orbit heichlichtit in orange, an those still awaitin launch in blue or pink
Station elements as o Julie 2021
(explodit view)


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