Internaitional Astronomical Union

internaitional association o professional astronomers at the PhD level an beyond

The Internaitional Astronomical Union (IAU; Inglis: International Astronomical Union; French: Union astronomique internationale, UAI) is an internaitional association o professional astronomers, at the PhD level an beyond, active in professional resairch an eddication in astronomy.[2] Amang ither activities, it acts as the internaitionally recognised authority for assignin designations tae celestial bouks (starns, planets, asteroids, etc.) an ony surface featurs on them.[3]

Internaitional Astronomical Union
Union astronomique internationale
IAU logo.svg
IAU National Members.svg
Naitional members frae 74 kintras
Formation28 Julie 1919
HeidquartersParis, Fraunce
12,450 individual members[1]
74 naitional members
Silvia Torres-Peimbert
General Secretar
Piero Benvenuti


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