The Inglis are a naition an ethnic group native tae Ingland, who speak Inglis. The Inglis identity is o early mediaeval oreegin, whan thay wur kent in Auld Inglis as the Anglecynn. Ingland is a kintra o the Unitit Kinrick, an Inglis fowk in Ingland are Breetish Citizens. Thair ethnonym is derivit frae the Angles, Germanic fowks who migratit tae Great Breetain efter the fift century AD.[7]

Inglis fowk
21 English people.png
Tot population
100 million + warldwide
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Unitit Kinrick 45,265,093[1]
 Unitit States25,927,345 - 49,598,035 a[2]'[3]
 Canadae6,570,015 b[4]
 Australie6,358,880 c[5]
 New Zealand44,202 – 281,895[6]
Traditionally Anglicanism, but nan-conformists an aw (see History o the Kirk o Ingland) an Roman Catholics (see Catholic Emancipation an aw); as well as ither faiths (see Releegion in Ingland).

a Inglis American, b Inglis Canadian, c Inglis Australie


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