Infante Gabriel o Spain

Infante Gabriel o Spain (12 Mey 1752 – 23 November 1788) wis a son o King Charles III o Spain an his wife Maria Amalia o Saxony. He wis born a Prince o the Kinrick o Naples an the Kinrick o Sicily but when his faither became King Carlos III o Spain, Gabriel became an Infante o Spain. He mairit a dochter o Queen Maria I of Portugal an haed four childer. He died frae smawpox at his private residence the "Casita del Infante" outside Madrid.

Infante Gabriel o Spain
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Born12 Mey 1752(1752-05-12)
Pailace o Portici, Naples
Dee'd23 November 1788(1788-11-23) (aged 36)
Casita del Infante, El Escorial, Spain
BuirialEl Escorial
SpouseInfanta Mariana Vitória o Portugal
IssueInfante Pedro Carlos
Full name
Gabriel Antonio Francisco Javier Juan Nepomuceno José Serafín Pascual Salvador de Borbón y Sajonia
HooseBourbons o Spain
FaitherCharles III o Spain
MitherMaria Amalia o Saxony
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  1. Infante Pedro Carlos o Spain an Portugal 18 Juin 1786 – 4 Julie 1812) mairit Infanta Maria Teresa o Portugal, Princess o Beira an haed issue.
  2. Infanta María Carlota o Spain (4 November - 11 November 1787) died young.
  3. Infante Carlos o Spain (28 October - 9 November 1788) died young.

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