Infante Carlos, Duke o Madrid

Don Infante Carlos o Spain, Duke o Madrid (Carlos María de los Dolores Juan Isidro José Francisco Quirico Antonio Miguel Gabriel Rafael; 30 Mairch 1848 – 18 Julie 1909) was the senior member of the House of Bourbon frae 1887 until his daith. He wis the "Carlist" claimant tae the throne o Spain under the name Carlos VII from 1868 (his faither's Spaingie abdication), an the "Legitimist" claimant tae the throne of Fraunce under the name Charles XI after the daith o his faither in 1887.

Infante Carlos o Spain
Duke o Madrid
Retrato de Carlos VII b.jpg
The Duke o Madrid in 1870 bi Federico Guisasola y Lasala.
Carlist pretender tae the Spaingie throne
as Carlos VII
Pretendence3 October 1868 – 18 Julie 1909
PredecessorJuan III
SuccessorJaime III
Legitimist pretender tae the French throne
as Charles XI
Pretendence21 November 1887 – 18 Julie 1909
PredecessorJean III
SuccessorJacques I
Born30 Mairch 1848(1848-03-30)
Ljubljana, Carniola
Dee'd18 Julie 1909(1909-07-18) (aged 61)
Varese, Italy
BuirialTrieste Cathedral, Trieste
SpousePrincess Margherita o Parma
Berthe de Rohan
IssueInfanta Blanca
Infante Jaime, Duke o Madrid
Infanta Elvira
Infanta Beatriz, Princess o Roviano
Infanta Alicia , Princess o Schönburg-Waldenburg
Full name
Carlos María de los Dolores Juan Isidro José Francisco Quirino Antonio Miguel Gabriel Rafael de Borbón y Austria-Este
HooseBourbons o Spain
FaitherInfante Juan, Coont o Montizón
MitherMaria Beatrix o Austrick-Este
SeegnaturInfante Carlos o Spain's signature
Coat of Arms used by the supporters of the Carlist Claimants to the Spanish Throne (adopted c.1890).svg


On 4 Februar 1867, at Frohsdorf in Austrick, Carlos mairit Princess Margherita o Parma, dochter o Duke Charles III o Parma and o his wife, Louise Marie Thérèse d'Artois (hersel a granddochter o Charles X o Fraunce) The couple haed five bairn.


  1. Infanta Blanca o Spain (7 September 1868 – 25 October 1949) mairit Airchduke Leopold Salvator o Austrick an haed issue.
  2. Infante Jaime o Spain, Duke o Madrid (27 Juin 1870 – 2 October 1931) niver mairit.
  3. Infanta Elvira o Spain (28 Julie 1871 - 9 December 1929) niver mairit but haed illegitimate issue.
  4. Infanta Beatriz o Spain 21 Mairch 1874 - 1 November 1961) mairit Fabricio Massimo, Prince o Roviano an haed issue.
  5. Infanta Alicia o Spain (29 Juin 1876 - 20 Januar 1975) mairit twice an haed issue.

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