Infante Alexandre o Portugal

Infante Alexandre o Portugal (Alexandre Francisco José António Nicolau ;) wis an infante o Portugal as the last bairn o John V, Keeng o Portugal, an his wife Maria Anna o Austrick (dochter o Leopold I, Haly Roman Emperor) He wis born at the Pailace o Ribeira in Lisbon on 24 September 1723. He died aged 4 frae smawpox, on 2 August 1728, an is buried at the Ryal Pantheon o the Braganza Dynasty, in Lisbon.

Alexandre o Portugal
Infante o Portugal
BuirialRyal Pantheon o the Braganza Dynasty
Full name
Alexandre Francisco José António Nicolau de Bragança
HooseHoose o Braganza
FaitherJohn V
MitherMaria Ana o Austrick