Infanta Adelgundes o Portugal

'Infanta Adelgundes, Duchess o Guimarães(10 November 1858 – 15 Aprile 1946) wis a bairn o Miguel o Portugal an his wife Adelaide o Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. A member o the Hoose o Braganza bi birth, Adelgundes became a member o the Bourbons o Parma throu her marriage tae Prince Henry o Parma, Coont o Bardi. She wis an aw the Regent o the Monarchic Representation o Portugal an for that reason wis grantit the teetle o Duchess o Guimarães, uisually reserved for the Heid o the Hoose.

Infanta Adelgundes
Coontess o Bardi
Duchess o Guimarães
Infanta Adelgundes, Duchess of Guimarães.JPG
Born10 November 1858(1858-11-10)
Bronnbach, Wertheim, Germany
Dee'd15 Apryle 1946(1946-04-15) (aged 87)
Gunten, Bern, Switzerland
SpousePrince Henry, Coont o Bardi
Full name
Adelgundes de Jesus Maria Francisca de Assis e de Paula Adelaide Eulália Leopoldina Carlota Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Gonzaga Inês Isabel Avelina Ana Estanislau Sofia Bernardina
FaitherMiguel o Portugal
MitherAdelaide o Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
ReleegionRoman Catholicism


Adelgundes mairit Prince Henry o Parma, Coont o Bardi, son o o Charles III, Duke o Parma an his wife Princess Louise Marie Thérèse o Fraunce, on 15 October 1876 in Salzburg, Austrick–Hungary. Thair union produced nae issue, as her nine pregnancies aw ended in miscarriages. The failed pregnancies, the last o which she suffered in 1890. She wis close tae her mony nephews an nieces, parteecularly Grand Duchess Marie Adélaïde o Luxembourg, frae the time o her abdication tae her early daith.