Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are an American fitbaa team based in Indianapolis, Indiana; thay play their games in Lucas Oil Stadium. The team is a member o the South Division o the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL), technically bein the anly team in thair diveesion nae locatit in the Soothren Unitit States. The team wis offeecially foondit as the Baltimore Colts in 1953 an wur based in Baltimore, Maryland till the team relocatit tae Indianapolis in 1984.

Indianapolis Colts
Current saison
Established 1953
Play in Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, Indiana
Headquartered in the Indianapolis Colts
Football Training Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis Colts logo
League/conference affiliations

National Football League (1953–present)

Current uniform
Team coloursSpeed Blue, White          
Awner(s)Jim Irsay
CEOJim Irsay
General managerRyan Grigson
Heid coachChuck Pagano
Team history
League championships (4†)
Conference championships (7)
Diveesion championships (15) † – Daes nae include the AFL or NFL Championships wan during the same saisons as the AFL–NFL Super Bowl Championships prior tae the 1970 AFL–NFL Merger
Playaff appearances (26)
Hame fields