Humidity is the amoont o watter vapour in the air. Watter vapour is the gas phase o watter an is inveesible.[1] Humidity indicates the likeliheid o precipitation, dew, or fog. Heicher humidity reduces the effectiveness o sweatin in cuilin the bouk bi reducin the rate o evaporation o moistur frae the skin. This effect is calculatit in a heat index table, uised durin simmer wather.

Tropical forests eften hae heich humidity.

Thare are three main measurments o humidity: absolute, relative an speceefic. Absolute humidity is the watter content o air.[2] Relative humidity, expressed as a percent, measurs the current absolute humidity relative tae the maximum for that temperatur. Specific humidity is a ratio o the watter vapour content o the mixtur tae the tot air content on a mass basis.


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