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Huldrych Zwingli[lower-alpha 1] or Ulrich Zwingli [lower-alpha 2] (1 Januar 1484 – 11 October 1531) wis a leader o the Reformation in Swisserland. Born during a time o emergin Swiss patriotism an increasin creeticism o the Swiss mercenary seestem, he attendit the Varsity o Vienna an the Varsity o Basel, a scholarly centre o Renaissance humanism. He conteena'd his studies while he served as a pastor in Glarus an later in Einsiedeln, whaur he wis influenced bi the writins o Erasmus.

Huldrych Zwingli
Huldrych Zwingli as depictit bi Hans Asper in an ile portrait frae 1531 (Kunstmuseum Winterthur)
Born 1 Januar 1484(1484-01-01)
Wildhaus, Canton o St. Gallen, Swiss Confederation
Died 11 October 1531(1531-10-11) (aged 47)
Kappel, Canton o Zurich, Swiss Confederation
Thrift Pastor, theologian

In 1519, Zwingli becam the pastor o the Grossmünster in Zürich whaur he begoud tae preach ideas on reform o the Catholic Kirk. In his first public controversy in 1522, he attacked the custom o fastin in Lent. In his publications, he notit corruption in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, promotit clerical mairiage, an attacked the uise o eemages in places o worship. In 1525, Zwingli introduced a new communion leeturgy tae replace the Mass. Zwingli an aw clashed wi the Anabaptists, that resultit in their persecution. Historians hae debatit whether or nae he turned Zürich intae a theocracy.[1]

The Reformation spreid tae ither pairts o the Swiss Confederation, but several cantons resistit, preferrin tae remeen Catholic. Zwingli formed an alliance o Reformed cantons that dividit the Confederation alang releegious lines. In 1529, a war atween the twa sides wis avertit at the last moment. Meanwhile, Zwingli's ideas cam tae the attention o Martin Luther an ither reformers. Thay met at the Marburg Colloquy an awtho thay agreed on mony pynts o doctrine, thay coud nae reach an accord on the doctrine o the Real Presence o Christ in the Eucharist.

In 1531 Zwingli's alliance applee'd an unsuccessfu fuid blockade on the Catholic cantons. The cantons respondit wi an attack at a moment whan Zürich wis ill-prepared. Zwingli dee'd on the battlefield. His legacy leeves on in the confessions, liturgy, an kirk orders o the Reformed kirks o the day.


  1. Huldrych pronunciation: [ˈhʊltraɪç]; Ulrich: [ˈʊlrɪç]; Zwingli: /ˈzwɪŋɡli/, [ˈtsvɪŋli] (Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary: "Zwingli").
  2. Potter 1976, p. 1. According to Potter, "Huldrych" was the spelling Zwingli preferred. However, Potter uses "Ulrich", while Gäbler, Stephens, and Furcha use "Huldrych". His signature at the Marburg Colloquy was Latinised name "Huldrychus Zwinglius" (Bainton 1995, p. 251). For more on his name, see Rother, Rea. "Huldrych - Ulrich" (in German). Evangelisch-reformierte Landeskirche des Kantons Zürich. Retrieved 2014-03-02. 


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