Hoose o Thurn an Taxis

The Hoose o Thurn an Taxis is a faimly o German nobility thit is pairt o the Briefadel. It wis an important player in the postal services in Europe in the 16t yearhunner, til the end o the Haly Roman Empire in 1806. The faimly is ane o the maist weel-aff in Germany an haes bade at Saunt Emmeram's Aibey in Regensburg syne 1748. Thay haed the teetle Prince o Thurn und Taxis raised frae Coont in 1695 fur Eugen Alexander von Thurn und Taxis. The heid o the hoose the day is Albert, 12t Prince o Thurn und Taxis.

Coat o airms o the Hoose o Thurn an Taxis.