Hoose o Orléans-Braganza

The Hoose o Orléans-Braganza (Portuguese: Casa de Orleães-Bragança or Orléans-Bragança) is a Brazilian imperial hoose o Portuguese an French origin. It is a cadet branch o the Hoose o Braganza, o Portugal and later Brazil, an the Hoose o Orléans, o Fraunce. The hoose wis foondit with the mairiage atween Isabel, Princess Imperial o Brazil, and Prince Gaston o Orléans, Coont o Eu. The hoose wis niver a reigning hoose, as Brazil's pure Braganza monarch, Pedro II, wis deposed in 1889. The Hoose's members are the current claimants tae the Brazilian throne since 1921 as part of the Imperial Hoose o Brazil. The hoose is also the secoint in the Orleanist line o succession tae the French ryal throne.

Hoose o Orléans-Braganza
Casa de Orléans e Bragança
COA Dinasty Orleães-Bragança.svg
Kintra Brazil
Parent hooseHoose o Orléans
Hoose o Braganza
FoonderIsabel, Princess Imperial o Brazil
an Prince Gaston o Orleans
Current heidVassouras branch:
Prince Bertrand o Orléans-Braganza
Petrópolis branch:
Prince Pedro Carlos o Orléans-Braganza