Hoose o Montmorency

The Hoose o Montmorency were a French noble faimilie qho haed the teetle o Duke o Montmorency. The teetle came frae the toun o Montmorency, in the département o Val-d'Oise in the Île-de-France]. The teetle Duke o Montmorency is the best kent ane. The teetle wis later gien tae Henri Jules de Bourbon, Prince o Condé an wis anither teele absorbed intae the Prince o Condé branch o the Hoose o Bourbon. The hoose went extinct in 1878 with the daith o Édouard de Montmorency, Duke o Beaumont. The first duke wis Anne de Montmorency an he constructit the Hotel de Montmorency in Paris.

Coat o airms o the Hoose o Montmorency.