Hoose o Leszczyński

faimily name

The Hoose o Leszczyński plural: Leszczyńscy, feminine form: Leszczyńska) wis a prominent Pols noble faimily. They were magnates in the Pols–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Marie Hoose o Leszczyński wis the wife o Keeng Louis XV o Fraunce an thus grandmither o Louis XVI. Descendants o the Hoose o Leszczyński include the bourbons o Spain, o Parma an the Bourbons o the Twa Sicilies as well as the pretenders tae the thrones o Fraunce an Italy.

Hoose o Leszczyński
Herb Leszczyński.png
KintraPoland, Fraunce
Foondit1704 Free election
Final rulerStanisław I (in Poland)
Stanisław Leszczyński (in Lorraine)