Hoose o Farnese

The Hoose o Farnese It is considered tae have been founded bi Ranuccio Farnese il Vecchio who wis appointed "Senator o Roum" bi Pape Martin V in 1419. The faimlie became the hereditary the Dukes o Parma when Pier Luigi Farnese (an illegitimate son o Pape Paul III) At the daith o Antonio Farnese, Duke o Parma in 1731 without any children, the Duchy wis conquered bi Infante Carlos o Spain who wis a son o his neice Elisabetta Farnese, last o the Farnese an wife o Keeng Felipe V o Spain. The present Keeng Felipe VI o Spain is a direct descendant o Elisabetta Farnese aa well aa the Farnese Dukes o Parma.

Hoose o Farnese
Corona de duque.svg
Arms of the House of Farnese.svg
KintraPapal States
Duchy o Castro
EstatesDucal Pailace o Colorno
Palazzo del Giardino (it)
Palazzo della Pilotta
Palazzo Farnese
Villa Farnese
Style(s)"His Haliness" (papacy)
"Ryal Highness"
Foondit1419 (1419)
FoonderRanuccio Farnese the Auld
Final rulerParma: Antonio Farnese
Spain: Elisabeth Farnese
Dissolution1766 (1766)

Farnese Dukes o ParmaEedit

  1. Pier Luigi Farnese (an illegitimate son o Pape Paul III)
  2. Ottavio Farnese (son o the abuin)
  3. Alessandro Farnese (son o the abuin)
  4. Ranuccio (I) Farnese (on o the abuin)
  5. Odoardo Farnese (son o the abuin)
  6. Ranuccio (II) Farnese (son o the abuin)
  7. Francesco Farnese (son o the abuin)
  8. Antonio Farnese (brither o the abuin)