Hoose o Bonaparte

The Hoose o Bonaparte (originally Buonaparte) was an imperial and royal European dynasty o Italian origin. It was foodit in 1804 bi Napoleon I, the son o Genoese nobleman Carlo Buonaparte. Napoleon was a French military leader who had risen to power during the French Revolution and who in 1804 transformed the First French Republic intae the First French Empire, five year after his coup d'état of November 1799. Napoleon turned the Grande Armée against every major European pouer an dominatit continental Europe through a series of militar victories during the Napoleonic Wars. He installed members o his faimily on the thrones o client states, extending the power o the dynasty.

Hoose o Bonaparte
French: Maison Bonaparte
Italian an Corsican: Casa di Buonaparte
French imperial family
Coat of Arms of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French
Coat of arms assumed by Emperor Napoleon I
KintraFraunce First & Second French Empire
Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy.svg Kingdom of Italy
Bandera de España 1808-1813.svg Kingdom of Spain
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Kingdom of Holland
Kinrick o Naples Kingdom of Naples
Kinrick o Westphalie Kingdom of Westphalia
Bandiera Elba.svg Principality of Elba
Andorrae Principality of Andorra
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Berg (1806-1808).svg Grand Duchy of Berg
Flag of the Principality of Lucca (1805-1809).svg Principality of Lucca and Piombino
Style(s)Imperial Majesty (France)
Majesty (other Crouns)
Foondit18 Mey 1804 (1804-05-18)
FoonderCarlo Bonaparte
Final rulerNapoleon III
Current heidDisputed:
1814 (1st) (1814 (1st))
1815 (2nd) (1815 (2nd))
1870 (3rd) (1870 (3rd))
1814 (1814)
1813 (1813)
1813 (1813)
1815 (1815)
EthnicityCorsican (originally Italian)
later French
Cadet branches