Hoose o Austrick-Este

The Hoose o Austrick-Este wis a cadet branch o the Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine They haed the teetle "Airchduke o Austrick-Este" (Italian: Arciduca d'Austria-Este; German: Erzherzog von Österreich-Este) It wis created in 1771 bi the mairiage atween Ferdinand o Habsburg-Lorraine an Maria Beatrice d'Este, anly dochter an hieress o the Ercole III d'Este o Modena. After the daith o Ercole III in 1803, the Modena ruling branch o the Este faimily's male line ended, an the Austrick-Estes inheritit his possessions in Italy.

Hoose o Austrick-Este
Casa d'Asburgo-Este
Haus Österreich-Este

Hoose o Austrick-Este
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Arms of the House of Habsburg Este.svg
Motto: "Dextera Domini exaltavit me"
(English: "The right hand of the Lord has exalted me")
Parent hooseHoose o Habsburg-Lorraine
Hoose o Este (cognatic)
Style(s)"Imperial an Ryal Highness"
Foondit1771; 252 years ago (1771)
FoonderFerdinand o Habsburg-Lorraine and Maria Beatrice d'Este
Final rulerFrancis V, Duke o Modena an Reggio
Current heidPrince Lorenz o Belgium
Deposeetion1859 (1859) (Italian unification)