Honda T360

The T360 wis a pickup truck frae Honda. Introduced in Juin 1963, it wis Honda's first production automobile.

Honda T360

The T360 uised a smaa 356 cc AK250E series straight-4 ingine fund in the Honda S600 roadster. This ingine generatit 30 hp (22 kW) at 8500 rpm, reflectin Honda's motorcycle heritage. 108,920 T360s war produced frae 1963 throu 1967.

The alike T500 uised a 38 hp (28 kW) 531 cc version o the ingine, ceptin it frae the Kei caur cless. 10,226 T500s war biggit fae 1964 throu 1967.

The T360 wis produced as a conventional rear wheel drive pickup lorry, a flatbed (the T360F), flatbed wi foldin sides (the T360H), an as a kivered van (the T360V). Thare wis forby the "Snow Crawler", a snawmobile version.

Honda T360 Snow Crawler

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