The Hitler Youth (German: Aboot this soondHitlerjugend , eften abbreviatit as HJ in German) wis the youth organisation o the Nazi Pairty in Germany. Its oreegins datit back tae 1922. Frae 1933 till 1945, it wis the sole offeecial youth organisation in Germany an wis pairtially a paramilitar organisation; it wis componed o the Hitler Youth proper for male youths aged 14 tae 18, the German Youngsters in the Hitler Youth (Deutsches Jungvolk in der Hitler Jugend or "DJ", an aa "DJV") for younger boys aged 10 tae 14, an the League o German Girls (Bund Deutsche Mädel or "BDM").

Hitler Youth
  • "Bluid an Honour"
  • (Blut und Ehre)
Formation1933 (1922)
TeepYouth organisation
Legal statusDefunct, Illegal
Region served
Nazi Germany
Parent organisation
Nazi Pairty

Wi the surrender o Nazi Germany in 1945, the organisation de facto ceased tae exeest. On 10 October 1945, it wis ootlawed bi the Allied Control Cooncil alang wi ither Nazi Pairty organisations. Under Section 86 o the Criminal Code o the Federal Republic o Germany, the Hitler Youth is an "unconstitutional organisation" an the distribution or public uise o its seembols, except for eddicational or resairch purposes, is nae permittit.