Ryal Highness

(Reguidit frae His Ryal Highness)

Ryal Highness (abbreviated HRH for His Ryal Highness or Her Ryal Highness) is a style uised tae address or refer tae some members o ryal families, usually princes or princesses. Monarchs and their consorts are usually styled Majesty. When uised as a direct form of address, spoken or written, it takes the form "Your Ryal Highness". When used as a third-person reference, it is gender-specific (His Ryal Highness or Her Ryal Highness, both abbreviated HRH) an, in plural, Their Ryal Highnesses (TRH).

Early originsEedit

By the 17th century, all local rulers in Italy adopted the style Highness, that was once used bi kings an emperors anly. According tae Denis Diderot's Encyclopédie, the style o Ryal Highness was created on the insistence o Archduke Ferdinand o Austrick, Cardinal-Infante o Spain, a younger son o King Philip III o Spain. The Airchduke wis travelling through Italy on his way tae the Low Countries an, upon meeting Victor Amadeus I, Duke o Savoy, refused tae address him as Highness unless the Duke addressed him as Ryal Highness. Thus, the first use o the style Ryal Highness wis recorded in 1633. Gaston, Duke o Orléans, younger son o King Henry IV o Fraunce, encountered the style in Brussels an assumed it himsel. His children later uised the style, considering it their prerogative as a grandson or dochter o Fraunce.[1]



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