Hilary o Poitiers

Hilary (Hilarius) o Poitiers (c. 310 – c. 367[1]) wis Bishop o Poitiers an is a Doctor o the Kirk. He wis whiles referred tae as the "Hammer o the Arians" (Laitin: Malleus Arianorum) an the "Athanasius o the Wast." His name comes frae the Laitin wird for happy or cheerfu. His optional memorial in the General Roman Calendar is 13 Januar. In the past, when this date wis occupied bi the Octave Day o the Epiphany, his feast day wis muived tae 14 Januar.[2]

Saint Hilary
The Ordination o Saunt Hilary. Frae a 14t-century manuscript.
"Malleus Arianorum" an the "Athanasius o the West;" Bishop, Confessor an Doctor o the Kirk
Bornc. 310 AD
Pictavium, Gaul (modren-day Poitiers, Fraunce)
Dee'dc. 367
Veneratit inRoman Catholic Kirk
Anglican Communion
Lutheran Kirk
Oriental Orthodoxy
Feast13 Januar
14 Januar (in some local calendars an pre-1970 General Roman Calendar)


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