Heretic (baund)

Heretic wis an 80s speed/thrash metal baund frae Los Angeles, Californie. Its members consistit o Mike Howe, future Metal Church vocalist, Dennis O'Harra on Bass, Brian Korban on Guitar, Rick Merrick on Drums, an Bobby Marquez on Guitar. The baund released twa albums aore Howe joined Metal Church. Efter that, Heretic fell apairt. O'Harra an Korban joined David Wayne, formerly o Metal Church fame in a project cawed Reverend.

Heretic haed quite a follaein in the Los Angeles club scene. Openin for baunds such as Armored Saint, Saxon, Riot, Motorhead, Metal Church, Wendy O. Williams, an even Metallica an Megadeth.


1986- Torture Knows No Boundary

1988- Breaking Point


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