Heraclius (Laitin: Flavius Heraclius Augustus, Greek: Φλάβιος Ἡράκλειος, Armenie: Հերակլես Փլավիոս, c. 575 – 11 Februar 641) wis Byzantine Emperor frae 610 tae 641. His rise tae pouer begoud in 608, whan he an his faither, Heraclius the Elder, the exarch o Africae, led a revolt against the unpopular usurper Phocas.

Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Heraclius tremissis 681357.jpg
Tremissis o Emperor Heraclius.
Ring5 October 610 – 11 Februar 641
Coronation5 October 610
SuccessorConstantine III
Bornc. 575
Cappadocia, present-day Turkey
Dee'dFebruar 11, 641 (aged 65 or 66)
IssueConstantine III
John Athalarichos (illegitimate)
Full name
Flavius Heraclius
DynastyHeraclian Dynasty
FaitherHeraclius the Elder

Heraclius's ring wis merkit bi several militar campaigns. The year Heraclius cam tae pouer, the empire wis threatened on multiple frontiers. Heraclius immediately teuk chairge o the Byzantine–Sasanian War o 602–628. The first battles o the campaign endit in defeat for the Byzantines; the Persie airmy focht thair wey tae the Bosphorus but Constantinople wis pertectit bi impenetrable waws an a strang navy, an Heraclius wis able tae avoid tot defeat. Suin efter, he ineetiatit reforms tae rebig an strenthen the militar. Heraclius drave the Persians oot o Asia Minor an pushed deep intae thair territory, defeatin thae decisively in 627 at the Battle o Nineveh. The Persie keeng Khosrow II wis owerthrawn an executit bi his son Kavad II, that suin sued for a peace treaty, greein tae widraw frae aw occupied territory. This wey peacefu relations war restored tae the twa deeply strained empires.

Heraclius lost many o his newly-regained launds tae the Muslim conquests. Emergin frae the Arabian Peninsula, the Muslims quickly conquered the Sasanian Empire. In 634 the Muslims mairched intae Roman Sirie, defeatin Heraclius's brither Theodore. Within a short period o time, the Arabs conquered Mesopotamie, Armenie an Egyp.

Heraclius entered diplomatic relations wi the Croats an Serbs in the Balkans. He tried tae repair the schism in the Christian kirk in regard tae the Monophysites, bi promotin a compromise doctrine cried Monothelitism. The Kirk o the East (commonly cried Nestorian) wis an aw involved in the process.[1] Eventually this project o unity wis rejectit bi aw sides o the dispute.


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