Purcell bi John Closterman, probably 1695

Henry Purcell (c. 10 September 1659[Note 1] – 21 November 1695) wis an Inglis componer. Awtho incorporatin Italian an French stylistic elements intae his composeetions, Purcell's legacy wis a uniquely Inglis form o Baroque muisic. He is generally conseedert tae be ane o the greatest Inglis componers; na ither native-born Inglis composer approached his fame till Edward Elgar, Ralph Vaughan Williams, an Benjamin Britten in the 20t century.


  1. Accordin tae Holman an Thompson (Grove Music Online, see References) thare is uncertainty regairdin the year and day of birth. Na record o baptism haes been foond. The year 1659 is based on Purcell's memorial tablet in Wastmeenster Aibey an the frontispiece o his Sonnata's of III. Parts (Lunnon, 1683). The day 10 September is based on vague inscriptions in the manuscript GB-Cfm 88. It mey an aa be relevant that he wis appyntit tae his first salaried post on 10 September 1677, which would hae been his aichteent birthday.