Sir Henry Morgan (Welsh: Harri Morgan, ca. 1635 – 25 August 1688) wis a Breetish privateer, buccaneer, an admiral o the Ryal Navy.[3][4][5]

Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan in colour.jpg
Sir Henry Morgan, in a popular 18t century widcut
Bornc. 1635
Llanrhymny (Llanrumney), Wales
Died25 August 1688 (age 53)
Lawrencefield, Jamaica
Piratical career
AllegianceKinrick o Ingland
Years active1663–1674
WealthEquiv. US$14.5 million in 2019;[1] #9 Forbes tap-earnin pirates[2]
Later wirkLieutenant Govrenor o Jamaica


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